I Have Nothing

Galaxy 15's flagship show. RU486 hosts a panel of crazies and netizens as they discuss the weeks more interesting news. No really, I have nothing.

I Have Nothing, Ticker October 13, 2013

I Have Nothing – 188

Listen now! In this episode we explore the Monsanto effect on genetically modified cells,  baby factories, racist dogs and man gets…

I Have Nothing, Ticker October 7, 2013

I Have Nothing – 187

Listen now! Our best(worst) show ever. We have scientifically altered pedo-rats feasting on the tears of their victims, high stakes pot…

I Have Nothing, Ticker October 2, 2013

I Have Nothing -186

Listen now! Telepath Rape, wives playing Dirty Harry and shooting their husbands in the face, and a kid attempts a school…

I Have Nothing, Ticker September 22, 2013

I Have Nothing – 185

Listen Now! This is the Epex episode! While we were off gallivanting about at GenCon Epex was busy mailing us many…

I Have Nothing, Ticker August 27, 2013


Listen Now!   Two hours of IHN tomfoolery. Another live show from Gencon, we forgot to clear off previous data off…