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Where the hell did everybody go?

No, I haven’t been abducted by a shadow possibly government related organization. There won’t be any blinking Morse code or hidden messages. The simple truth is burn out. It’s taken me awhile to get up to speed with moving to a new city, starting a new job, and a bunch of other real life stuff. There wasn’t much balance in my time and something had to give. Never minding slogging through just how screwed up things are getting on a weekly basis.

Right now the plan is to bring back Pure Decking on Fridays, at approx 11PM EST / 8 PST. The show format will be looser, and the hosts will be drunker.

Site re-shuffle / catchup

So we now have the site re-shuffled a bit. Old School blog layout! We’ll run with this for a bit and probably change it up again next time I get tired of looking at it.
That said, I have finally gotten the summer pure decking uploaded and posted. Decking has been moved to Saturday (but not yesterday, I was dealing with a prior obligation).