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Bryan was a sound designer, and keyboard technician for Prince and The New Power Generation in the late 90’s.

After working at Paisley Park Studios, bryan saved enough money and decided to make his own records. Under the name of haloblack, ‘>Tension Filter<’ (1994), ‘FunkyHell’ (1996), ‘Raw Tension’ (2001) and ‘Throb’ (2004) were released.
Released on Caroline/ Fifth Column Records, FunkyHell quickly became an underground hit. It was in the top 10 for Rolling Stone’s alternative charts, and Alternative Press magazine branded it as ‘One of the 10 Best Industrial Rock Albums’ (of all time).

haloblack supported Marilyn Manson in Minneapolis the same year, before bryan decided to move to London and start completely all over again.

At this time, bryan started working with Felix Da Housecat on his new album, ‘Devin Dazzle and The Neon Fever’. Felix and Bryan found a shared interest in the early sounds of Prince mixed with the modern production techniques available today. After finishing work on the Felix record, Bryan and Felix worked on bryan’s XLOVER project together.

After an explosive live performance at the Berlin Love Parade, DJ Hell signed XLOVER to his label, International DeeJay Gigolo Records. The debut record, ‘Pleasure & Romance’ soon followed, and proved to be the most ambitious and successful record of bryan’s career so far.

Sometime during the recording of XLOVER, bryan put together a new haloblack record, which he had been slowly picking away at for 4 years between projects. ‘Throb.