I Have Nothing

Galaxy 15's flagship show. RU486 hosts a panel of crazies and netizens as they discuss the weeks more interesting news. No really, I have nothing.

I Have Nothing, Ticker May 2, 2014

I HAve Nothing 202-203

Listen to 202!   Listen to 203!    

I Have Nothing, Ticker April 14, 2014

I Have Nothing – 201

Listen now! Donate your sperm to keep your job, then tweet and geotag the location of your drug stock pile. Remember…

I Have Nothing, Ticker April 4, 2014

I Have Nothing – 200

Listen Now! This is it big 200! Two hundred episodes of I Have Nothing. Holy hell excuse us while we contemplate…

I Have Nothing, Ticker March 24, 2014

I Have Nothing – 197, 198, and 199!

Listen Now! (197), Listen Now! (198), Listen Now!(199) 197 and 198 are lost episodes that we recorded a while back before…

I Have Nothing, Ticker December 31, 2013

IHN -195 and 196

Listen Now! ( 195) Listen Now! (196) Episode 194 – We had station problems so I recorded this through Teamspeak. Also…