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Interview with G15

Conjured from realms of dark creativity, Pittersplatter has brought the state of Oklahoma and points beyond a truly unique sound, imagery, and stage show. Pittersplatter was founded in 2002 by the song writer simply known as Worm, and has been a major pioneer of live electronic music in their area. The project draws inspiration from a wide variety of electronic genres, but also spits in the faces of them all. Pittersplatter isn’t interested in producing club hits nor is the project interested in pandering to any specific scene. Pittersplatter’s goal is much larger as Worm seeks to open gateways into other dimensions with sonic keys, dimensions the listeners can enter and use as a space to create their own dark tales and demons. Sequenced sorcery, therapy through audio, life stories told through horrific parables, and the search for hidden knowledge drives Pittersplatter’s electronic nightmare music both lyrically and in sound. Like a shunned and feared monster, Pittersplatter enters and exits the industry as it pleases and leaves onlookers wanting more, or trembling in fear. The project has been playing live for over a decade now, is distributed world wide, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. As Pittersplatter’s clawed grip continues to tighten around the throat of the prey it seeks, both supporters and detractors must hail Pittersplatter as the master of electronic evil.