Shoot the Noise

Shoot the Noise, Ticker October 26, 2013

Shoot the Noise – 46

Listen Now! I cant remember what happened in this episode as its STN night and I’m drunk.

Shoot the Noise, Ticker October 2, 2013

Shoot the Noise! Episde 45

Listen Now! Government closing, Obamacare, Silkroad and Putins peace prize all here on Shoot the Noise!  

Shoot the Noise, Ticker July 25, 2013

Shoot The Noise – 44

Listen now! Lots going on this week as we follow the advancement of the American Prison state, with a special announcement…

Shoot the Noise, Ticker July 3, 2013

Shoot the Noise – 43

Listen now!   Egypt protests, millimeter wave weapons used by the LAPD, Where in the world is Edward Snowden.   With…

Shoot the Noise, Ticker June 20, 2013

Shoot The Noise – 42

Listen now!   Shoot the noise returns with NSA wiretapping, FBI drone programs, arming Al-Qaeda in Syria and more!