Nameless Review 7

BSV's NR7 reviews video games, movies, or anything else that BSV can get his hands on.

Nameless Review 7 February 21, 2013

Nameless Review 7: Show Simulator 2013

My and Big review Path of Exile and Hawken. The we had a few problems, but do to laziness I did…

Nameless Review 7, Ticker January 17, 2013

Nameless Review 7 Episode 26

Today we review Far Cry 3, Don’t Starve, and others We’re aware of an audio issue with the recording. Listen Here…

Nameless Review 7 December 24, 2012

NR7 ep 25 on time for once

Here is Nameless review 7 ep 25 with Big and Ru. Episode 25  

Nameless Review 7 December 20, 2012

NR7 Episode 24

Sorry for forgetting to post the late episode on time but here is ep 24. I will be trying to record…

Nameless Review 7 November 7, 2012

NR7 Late agian

Here are the last two episodes of NR7. Episode 22 Episode 23