Pure Decking Notes January 17, 2012

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My summary from the Pure Decking notes on Sopa  / Protect IP (lots of this is cut and paste mostly from the Reddit blog post, some is my own summary, this posted at Maddman’s request in-case reddit blacks out their blog as well)

    • Sopa seems to have been shelved after O’bams came out against both measures (<sarcasm>because he’s been so successful at stopping things he against</sarcasm>)
    • http://torrentfreak.com/sopa-is-baaack-120117/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
      • House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith just announced that the SOPA markup is expected to continue next month.
    • The Reddit blog has a nice write up http://blog.reddit.com/2012/01/technical-examination-of-sopa-and.html
      • The bills use where the domains are registered, not where the servers actually are for determining domestic / foreign
      • The overly broad definition of a search engine in the bills means roughly every website falls into the category (i.e. they can go after damn near any website linking to a blacklisted site, not just search engines)
      • The requirements of ad networks22 and payment networks24 include a ‘no duty to monitor’ paragraph. This paragraph indicates that the networks are in compliance with the requirements if they take the actions described on the date that the order is served. It should be noted that ‘search engines’ have no such paragraph. This would mean that search engines can be required to continually monitor and prevent new instances of links to foreign sites
      • The bills claim to be about copyright / counterfeit , but the measures used target free speech more than anything else
      • Will likely force Internet companies to move outside the US, new tech companies won’t start here anymore… Jobs anyone?
    • The Blackouts
      • http://sopastrike.com/
        • Personally I think this is a big joke, but there are some big names on the list
        • Phone calls / letters to legislators will be ten times more effective than blacking out sites that they personally never use
        • the idea may be to annoy people into contacting congress
        • Part of the problem is that they live in an entirely different world from the one they are regulating (i.e most of these people never see these things personally, they have staff to do that)
        • http://news.cnet.com/8301-31001_3-57360223-261/google-will-protest-sopa-using-popular-home-page/?tag=mncol;topStories
        • Google putting a link on the home page (no one will see it, everyone uses browser bars)
        • I don’t support SOPA / PIPA, but I’m not blacking out G15 either, I’d rather people listen to what we say than look at a black page (and it’s a hell of a marketing opportunity)

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